Data Mining in the Real World: Visual Summary

Below you’ll find a summary of my notes and colourful diagrams from reading, ‘Data Mining in the Real World: Experiences, Challenges, and Recommendations‘ (Weiss 2009). I like to take opportunities like this, to continue my personal practise of simplifying large chunks of information into easily digestible visuals for learning.

Take-away from all pre-reading: Remembering the “SO WHAT?”
All the data and data mining in the world isn’t worth much without a well defined problem.

Data Mining Real World Data Mining Real World2 Data Mining Real World3 Data Mining Real World4 Data Mining Real World5 Data Mining Real World6 Data Mining Real World7 Data Mining Real World8 Data Mining Real World9

Weiss, G. 2009. ‘Data Mining in the Real World: Experiences, Challenges, and Recommendations’, ResearchGate, Janaury, viewed 2 May 2016, <>.

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